Big Changes in 2020

Lily Cameron

Happy New Year!

OK, it's a little late, but we are only two weeks into 2020 so it's definitely still relevant.

2019 was such a crazy year for Green Fig - we went from starting the business to seeing our soap making classes sell out, our soaps on the shelves of actual bricks-and-mortar shops, and we made some amazing connections with brilliant businesses who share our ethos of putting our planet first. 

As you might imagine after our first (almost) year in business, we've done a lot of reflecting on where we are and where we'd like to be, whilst always remaining true to our values and principles. 

As such we have decided to stop selling our soaps and focus solely on our classes and workshops. We feel that the world does not need another business trying to sell you something, and that our skills and knowledge would be better put to use in empowering you to do it for yourself. 

(This is in no way a slight on any of the wonderful small, independent businesses who are selling their ethical products, they're so needed in this world. We support them and always will.)

We're also branching out a little and will be running classes in making your own ethical, zero waste skincare and cleaning products - all natural, safe and vegan, of course.

We have several classes planned in collaboration with the wonderful Sarah from Shop Zero:

Make Your Own Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm

Make Your Own Eco Cleaning Products

Make Your Own Body Butter & Hand Cream

And of course plenty more soap classes, in January (SOLD OUT), April, July and November

Do you have any big changes happening in 2020? Have you set any intentions for the year? We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment and let us know


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